Ama (Bottom Only)
Ama (Bottom Only)
Ama (Bottom Only)
Ama (Bottom Only)
Ama (Bottom Only)
Ama (Bottom Only)

Ama (Bottom Only)

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AMA- The Akan name for our Saturday born Queens.

Every Pattern & Colour represents a unique meaning of life.

The main pattern used for the ‘AMA' kente pattern is ‘Apremo-Canon’ which is associated with resistance against foreign domination as Ghanaians had to fight for their freedom.

 The colours used to create this pattern include:

- Green, which often represents life, growth and good health. 

- Black, associated with mystery, strength & spiritual energy. 

- Gold, which represents wealth and royalty.

-Red which has a political and spiritual association to sacrifice.

 All these colours and patterns come together to bring ‘unity in diversity’. 

Experience a world of ‘unity in diversity’ as you wear your Luxury Classic Kente One-Piece.

Product Details:

100% Swim-proof

85% Polyester, 15% Spandex

Our swimsuits are machine washable, but we highly recommend you hand wash & rinse with cold water then lay flat in shade to dry as it helps keep the fabric and the shape of the suit looking newer, longer.

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