About Me

“I’m a creative living through my passions whilst connecting spirit-soul to human experience and I understand that I too am a work of art.”


Nikitha’s perspective is that the universe is art and everything in it can serve as inspiration and be used as material. Her dinstict views are clearly demonstrated in her works as Creative Director on the newest Supreme Hair campaign. Her deep desires to experience culture and connect to source fuels her love for traveling taking her to over 40 cities around the world such as London, Paris, LA, New York, Toronto, Kingston Jamaica, Berlin, Cannes and Stockholm just to name a few. Her art is an inevitable product of her aspiration to express the depth of the connection between spirit-soul and the  human experience.  


She is the founder of her own brand, Natural Babe where her mission is to elevate and transcend the beauty of being by curating wearable art. Her creations come to life through the channels of body painting, hair styling and makeup (runway, stage, commercial, lifestyle, avant-garde), henna (non traditional). She has worked with a number of reputable organizations, magazines, artists, photographers and influential creatives in society such as Dany Sanz, Beauty Essence, Anya Ayoung-Chee, Gary Jordan, Flow TV and more. She has been recognized for innovate protective hairstyles by online magazines such as Essence, La Mode and more. 


Nikitha acknowledges the human body as art that can also be used as a canvas especially depicted in her new series launching at the Manifesto Festival Community of Culture. 

As a modern day renaissance woman Nikitha’s talents and vision has allowed her the opportunity to span the globe and share her journey with the intent of delving into culture and heart of the human race in efforts to unify with three pillars in her mind; connect; create; inspire. 


“Focus- consciousnesses of your light and connecting source. Xx Nikitha”